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Blackburn Rovers

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Blackburn Rovers Retro Football Shirt

Order the Blackburn Rovers retro football shirt from TOFFS here. TOFFS (The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company) has been the supplier of retro football and retro rugby shirts from the United Kingdom since 1990. The retro shirts are handmade and offer a wide range of iconic classic retro football shirts from the past. The Blackburn Rovers retro shirt is based on the football shirts of the English football club from the 1960s. Blackburn Rovers was founded in 1875 and was a founding member of the English Football League in 1888. Since 1890, Ewood Park has been home to the Rovers. The football shirt of Blackburn Rovers traditionally contains the colors blue and white. Famous former players such as Alan Shearer, Tim Sherwood, Andy Cole and more star players played for the English football club.