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Italy retro football shirts and track jackets

In our shop you can buy all retro shirts, t-shirts and training jackets from the Italian national team from brands such as COPA, TOFFS, FC LOCO, Socceratees and Death By Zero. The highlight of the Italy, La Squadra Azzurra, collection are the wonderful retro football shirts. The retro shirts of the football brands TOFFS and COPA Football are based on the football shirts of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. For example, from COPA Football we offer the blue home and white away shirts that were worn during the successful 1982 World Cup. It is possible to have these retro shirts printed with, for example, your own name and number or that of your favorite player. . Also the goalkeeper shirt from the 1982 World Cup (worn by Dino Zoff) should not be missing in the collection. In addition to the retro football shirt, we also offer some retro football jackets from Italy.


Italy retro football shirts

The Italy retro football shirts from COPA Football and TOFFS Retro are for sale at Sportus! We offer both the traditional blue retro football shirts and the white football shirt that is worn during away games. Why does the Italy national football team wear a blue football shirt? During Italy's first international match on May 15, 1910, the players' kit was white. This color was chosen because the founders of the national football association could not agree on the color of the kit and therefore a neutral color was chosen. During the game on January 6, 1911 against Hungary, the Italians were seen for the first time in a blue football shirt. The reason for this was that it was snowing on the day of the race and a different color had to be worn, but why blue? There are several theories, but the most obvious one is that the azure color comes from the Royal House of Savoy. Azure was then used for Italy's home shirts and the white color is often used for the away kit.

The Italy retro football shirt World Cup 1982 contains the traditional azure blue color with some details in green, white and red. These colors come from the Italian flag. The white away shirt of Italy which was worn during the 1982 World Cup is also for sale at Sportus. These retro football shirts can be provided with a print such as your own name and number or that of a player such as Rossi (20) or Tardelli (14). For this we use the same style and color as the players wore during the World Cup '82. In addition to the extensive range of retro football shirts from the COPA Football brand, the Sportus Italy Fan Shop also sells COPA retro training jackets. These retro football jackets are based on the Italy track jackets from the 70s and 80s. The Italy football fan t-shirts are of course in blue. The wide collection of Italy t-shirts are inspired by the successes and history of the Italian national football team. These t-shirts are available in both adult and children's sizes. In addition, the Italy clothing collection also includes some casual socks with a football print. These socks are ideal to wear in everyday life. The socks contain prints of well-known and recognizable moments and of heroes from Italy's rich history. In addition to the official retro football shirts, t-shirts and training jackets from Italy, you can also regularly find great offers in the Italy football shop.

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