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ACF Fiorentina Retro Football Shirts

Order the Fiorentina retro football shirts from TOFFS Retro and NR Nicola Raccuglia (Ennerre) here. These retro football shirts from TOFFS are inspired by the kits that Fiorentina wore in the 1940s. In 1940 the club from Fiorentina won its first prize, namely the COPPA ITALIA. ''I VIOLA'' became champion for the first time in 1955-1956. We can print all TOFFS retro football shirts from Fiorentina with a special retro print. TOFFS (The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company) has been the supplier of retro football and retro rugby shirts from the United Kingdom since 1990. The retro shirts are handmade and offer a wide range of iconic classic retro football shirts from the past. The Fiorentina retro football shirts are inspired by the football shirts that the players of Fiorentina wore in the past of the Italian football club. Fiorentina was founded in 1926 and its home games are played in Stadio Aremio Franchi. Traditionally, the color of the Fiorentina football shirt is purple. The Ennerre Fiorentina football shirts are based on the home and away shirts from the 1984-85 season. During this season, the legendary Brazilian midfielder Socrates played for Fiorentina. The shirts of Ennerre therefore contain number 8. These football shirts are identical reissues of the classic shirts from the 1984-1985 season. The Italian manufacturer NR Nicola Raccuglia produces the football shirts in the same factory as in the 80s from the highest quality acrylic and polyester and with incredible attention to detail. Equipped with number 8 (Socrates) and the sponsor Opel on the chest. These football shirts are seen as one of the most beautiful football shirts of all time. Ennerre also re-produced the 1985-1986 Fiorentina retro track jacket. The details on this Fiorentina track jacket from Nicola Raccuglia (NR) are amazing. Some famous former players who played for Fiorentina are besides Socrates, Batistuta, Chiellini, Montolivo and other star players.

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